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Varano Super Jump has the largest interactive inflatables that incorporate running, bouncing, jousting, shooting, jumping, climbing and splashing to give that extra energy to your event or party.

interactive twister

interactive basketball inflateable

interactive jousting inflatable


zip-thru obstacle course

Human Foosball Game
$500 a day
Size: 40 'x 23' x 8'

Battle Axes

Battle Axes
$350 a day
The object to the game is each player has 3 attempts to hit the bullseye. Closest Player to the center wins.

zip-thru obstacle course

Soccer Darts Game
$350 a day
Size: 16' x 16' x 16'
Check out this exciting and fun new game called Soccer Darts. This fun interactive game combines Soccer and Darts into one inflatable fun time. Players kick a Velcro Soccer ball onto the giant inflatable Darts board to see which point they can score. The inflatable has all your point system just like a regular Darts game. Comes with 3 Velcro Soccer balls. Great for sporting events, corporate events, fundraisers, or even backyard events.

zip-thru obstacle course

Giant Basket Ball Hoop
$75 a day
Size: 6’W x 6’L x 8’H
The Basketball Hoop Inflatable is a fun shooting hoops game with an 8-foot tall hoop and net; also included is a giant inflated basketball.
Multi Colored Castle Bouncy House
one hundred fifty a day
Size: 12’ X 12’ X 3'
Introducing the classic Twister Game! The Inflatable Twister Game is perfect for all occasions and ages. Pin the wheel to see which color to place your hand/feet and get all tangled up in the fun.

Movei Screen

Movie Screen
$300 a day
Size: 16ft x 16ft x 16ft Screen size: 11ft W x 6ft H
Put on a show for everyone with this Inflatable Movie Screen. Only movie screen included.

Ball Blaster

Ball Blaster
$375 a day
Add Archery Equipment . . . $50
Size: 12ft x 12ft x 8ft
The Ball Blaster is a carnival-like attraction that features a toxic color theme with bio hazard targets down range, each with a ball hovering overhead in an airstream. Participants take on the Ball Blaster two at a time to showcase their aim and shooting ability. Each have their own blaster to load or upgrade to archery equipment and blast away at the hovering balls. Missed shots are return to the players by the inclined tarp below. When players successfully knock down the hovering balls, it only takes a quick walk around to the back of the product to remove a cover and replace the targets through a slot.

Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby
$375 a day
Size: 12ft x 11ft x11ft
Batter Up!!!! Test your batting skills with this fun Home Run Derby interactive game. Participant take turn at bat to see who can hit the floating ball into one of the home run holes. Make it into the hole in the stands to win! Comes with a bat and balls to use. This inflatable features a very cool design and ball park fan image. Good for younger kids to adults.

zip-thru obstacle course

Basketball Shootout
$350 a day
Size: 15'L x 13'W x 13'H
Rent the Basketball Shootout for your next  event and see who can make the most baskets. The Basketball Shootout has 2 real basketball hoops with full regulation heights. Includes 2 full size basketballs.

Jousting Arena
Jousting Arena
$350.00 a day
Size: 21'W x 21'L x 8'H
GLADIATORS READY!! Can you stay in the center of the ring without getting knocked off? The Joust Arena, AKA Gladiator Arena, or jousting arena, is an excellent and challenging game. Items include 2 helmets and 2 joust poles.

zip-thru obstacle course
Climb the Ladder
$450 a day
Size: 22’L x 17’W x 9’H
Climb the Ladder is perfect for all corporate, church, carnival, school, and fundraiser events. Race in this dual inflatable climber and feel the joy of reaching the top first. 
4 Sopt Tic Tac Toe
4 Spot / Tic Tac Toe
$450 a day
Size: 8’w x 6′ 5’’w x 10’h
2 Games in 1. A challenging and fun inflatable combination of the popular games 4 SPOT and Tic Tac Toe!

24 Foot Rock Wall

24ft Inflatable Rockwall
$375 a day
Size 23ft x 23ft x 24ft
This 24' tall Rock Wall is a real sight to see! Features two sides of climbing wall with actual climbing holds that are used on real rock walls, as opposed to the cheaper foam material used on most inflatable climbing walls. This awesome Rock Wall gives you the feel of a real Rock Wall with its height and climbing gear. We use the Trublue Autobelay.

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